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Introducing SafeAssign™ by Blackboard®.

We are excited to introduce SafeAssign, a new plagiarism prevention service offered by Blackboard as part of the Blackboard Enterprise platform. 

What is SafeAssign?
SafeAssign allows you to protect the originality of work and ensure a fair playing ground for all of your students. SafeAssign is integrated with the Blackboard Learning System™ products, enabling you to prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers right within your existing teaching and learning environment.  SafeAssign can also further deter plagiarism by helping to create opportunities to educate students on proper attribution and citations and help them to effectively take advantage of the wealth of information out there.

Why SafeAssign?

  • By Blackboard – SafeAssign is supported and maintained by Blackboard.  Furthermore, it is integrated directly into your existing Blackboard assignment set up and submission process with no extra effort on your part.
  • It’s Included. – SafeAssign is available as part of the Blackboard Enterprise platform, at no additional cost.  It is an example of Blackboard’s ongoing effort to grow the Blackboard platforms and offer you the tools you need to teach and learn more effectively.
  • Powerful Prevention – SafeAssign uses a unique originality detection algorithm that runs a comprehensive comparison of submitted papers across an industry-leading collection of databases.  You can count on the results.  
  • Opt-In Global Database – Papers are automatically checked against an institutional database specific to your institution.  But to protect their originality across campuses, students have the option with each paper to submit it to the Global Database which all papers from all institutions are checked against.
  • Originality Report –Instructors get an innovative, interactive Originality Report for every paper submitted that details the results of the matching process.

How Can I Get it?
SafeAssign is delivered and integrated with Blackboard via a Blackboard Building Block™ or Blackboard PowerLink™ which are available now on
Behind the Blackboard for Blackboard System Administrators to download and install. Once installed and enabled, instructors can start building their assignments with SafeAssign right away. SafeAssign is available to all Blackboard enterprise clients as part of the Blackboard Beyond™ Initiative, a series of innovative, centrally-hosted web sites and services designed to empower the Blackboard client network. SafeAssign is based on a mature and proven technology that Blackboard acquired from Sciworth Inc., and enhanced to provide greater stability, performance and integration with the Blackboard platform.

Please Note – if you are an existing Sciworth client, your service will not be interrupted.  Sciworth will honor the remainder of your license, and you will have the opportunity to migrate to SafeAssign by Blackboard at a convenient for you time. You will receive an email from Sciworth within a day explaining the specifics of your existing contract and that migration.

We encourage you to download and install the Building Block/PowerLink right away so your faculty and students can start using SafeAssign for the Fall Term.

How Can I Find Out More?
To learn more about SafeAssign and see a live demo – please attend our web seminar:
Introducing SafeAssign by Blackboard | Thursday, July 19, 2:00 PM (EST)

For additional questions or concerns about the installation, please review the Administrator resources on Behind the Blackboard or contact Blackboard Client Support.  For more information on how SafeAssign works, please visit the SafeAssign wiki. (http://wiki.safeassign.com).


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