Online Educa Presentation – The Blackboard Management System

Yesterday I gave a presentation in one of the Pre Conference Workshops at the Online Educa 2006 conference about our Blackboard Management System.

About the BMS:

The Blackboard Management System (BMS) completely replaces the Blackboard System Admin Control Panel and makes delegated administration of Blackboard possible in an easy and safe way. All relevant System Admin Functions have been replaced and redesigned in order to make the administration of Blackboard much easier. Also numerous new functions have been introduced.

The Blackboard Management System is a (mega) Building block (in English) that enables faculties to administer their own Courses, Users and Course Catalog. The BMS has the look and feel of Blackboard 7 and can be easily accessed through a Portal Tab.

The BMS introduces new Course search options (by Faculty, Academic Year, Semester or Availability). A Batch Copy Course function is introduced. Templates can be easily managed. Multiple staff members can be added when creating a Course. Course Information can be modified before a Course is copied. These are only a few Examples of the many new admin functions.

Download the Presentation (ppt, 0,7MB)