Start gratis een online discussieforum met RSS-feeds

Ik kwam zojuist de volgende site tegen: Je kunt hier gratis online een discussieforum met RSS-feed starten. 

De Next-Generation digitale leeromgeving wordt steeds zichtbaarder: een geintegreerde omgeving met als bouwstenen:

  • weblogs
  • wiki’s
  • msn
  • Furl Bookmarks
  • RSS-enabled discussiefora
  • Flickr hotspots
  • Opslagmedium voor het opslaan en ontsluiten van "attachments" (geen Learning Objects!) met de mogelijkheid deze attachments te omschrijven en inclusief RSS-feeds.

Over Conversate:

Why Conversate?


  • Forget the small talk
    You and your friends and family need a simple way to talk together, but group emails can get tedious. Conversate gives you an instant discussion space for any article, picture, song, video, website, or pretty much anything. Make social plans. Collaborate on projects. And for your business or organization, Conversate can be an ongoing chat room that doesn’t require your constant attention.

  • More polite than email
    With instant discussion spaces, your friends can stay in touch without any of the stress and mess of e-mail. Your friends can follow conversations on the Conversate webpage, or to get the real essence of Conversate, subscribe to an RSS feed that alerts them to new messages. Or if they prefer the old-fashioned way, they can choose to be alerted to new messages on Conversate over e-mail. Mass e-mails are a megaphone. Conversate is an invitation.

  • Will never clog your inbox
    If your friends are using Conversate, your valuable INBOX will never get clogged. Why? Because you get a single invitation to each new conversation. Keep all your conversations in one place, so you don’t have to worry about missing e-mails. Plus you can choose to receive invitations via RSS instead. Pretty soon you’ll even be able to receive invitations on AIM or Jabber.

  • Group emails are a dead end. Conversate’s not.
    So you e-mailed that groundbreaking, jaw-dropping, life-changing article to everybody you know. Now what? If your friends write back to everybody, the emails grow exponentially until somebody gets mad because their mailbox is clogged. But if they just write back to you, then that’s not much of a discussion, is it? Either way you do it, mass e-mails are just a dead end. With Conversate, everyone who’s inspired to can have a conversation, but nobody else has to.

  • Power Users: Get the Conversate Bookmarklet
    Drag the Conversate bookmark (see sidebar) to the bookmark toolbar of your web browser, and starting conversations gets even easier. When you’re online and see something you want to talk about, just click your Conversate bookmark and Conversate will automatically set up a conversation with a link to that website. Choose who you want to invite and off you go. That’s literally three clicks to a better conversation, and ten times faster than sending an email.

  • A blog for the rest of us
    If you don’t have the time or consistency to have a real blog (or think they’re a little narcissistic), you can still post occasional thoughts for your friends to read and respond. When you have something exciting or important to talk about, start a conversation. If you send people to the URL of your public conversations, pow! you’ve practically got a blog.

  • Conversations can be public or private
    Actually, it’s even cooler than that. Conversations can be "public" (listed on, "open" (anyone with the URL can participate), "friend of friend" (anybody invited can invite others), or "private" (only the people you invite get access). That’s just one of the ways you can customize Conversate to make it easy to stay in touch.

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